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Which Insurance Plan Makes Sense for You?

It’s been a lifetime in the making. But everything you’ve worked to build needs protection. We partner with you in order to identify a plan that makes sense. Hippo’s expertise allows you to retain complex information and puts you on the path toward making informed decisions that serve to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build throughout the years.


Hippo professionals place a wealth of experience at your disposal and will assist you with everything from identifying high-value items within your home (the ones requiring a policy with extra protection) to safeguarding your property’s exterior in the event of a fire. Our agents will ensure that you’re paired with a policy that allows your family to comfortably rebuild, all the while taking current construction costs into account.


Collision, Liability, Comprehensive, Personal Catastrophe—tailoring an insurance plan means considering your specific needs, whether that means a potential for fender benders, inclement weather (hail), break-ins, even foul balls, as sometimes happens. Protecting your vehicle means developing a policy that covers windshield or glass repair.



Routine doctor visits, prescription drug coverage, preventative care, and other medical services—it all adds up. Hippo excels at partnering individuals with customized health insurance plans. That means developing a plan that’s compatible with your finances as well as your lifestyle. 

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